Shelly on BGC 707

This episode’s limo fight wasn’t different from previous weeks. I feel like once again people overreacted. Unlike Nastasia, the drink was NOT thrown in public and it was water! Come on now! GROW UP! It really was actually funny watching it! SO EXTRA!

I was embarrassed after the fight that erupted after. I have always had a clean record. Being arrested was for sure hands down one of the lowest points in my life. I cried. I am BAD GIRL in a classy way, not a trashy way. Being arrested is not so hot in my eyes. I believe in trying to defend my friends and still would not change what happened, but it was crazy. But honestly I was so drunk and concerned with the other girls that I was just confused! Also that police officer was not very nice. Just saying!

Jail was fine though. Not scary at all. However, I did refuse to eat the bologna sandwich they gave us. EW! No thank you!

I wasn’t surprised at all when I returned to the house. I knew the other girls would do something childish. ESPECIALLY because we were not there. And I also was not surprised when Nastasia refused to admit who messed with the bed!

The lingerie fashion show was AWESOME. Tasha, Priscilla, and Angelic looked so good and I loved the clothes they showed from local New Orleans shops. I liked just being there to support the girls.

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