Angelic on BGC 705

Celebrating Mardi Gras with the girls in the suite was one amazing experience that I will never forget, I had a blast and the view we had was just breath-taking! I am so grateful for that experience. Despite the drama, it was one hell of an amazing experience!

Priscilla and Tasha chose to stay in to throw beads rather than going out and partying. I mean that is what they chose to do with their Mardi Gras experience, so to each her own. But I definitely think they missed out on some stuff, while me and the other girls made the most of our time!

During this trip Shelly started hanging out with Tiara, Judi, and Stasi even though Stasi threw a drink at her in the last episode. I think Shelly started to realize that us four would cooperate to make sure we each had a good time and got to do things we each enjoyed. We weren't selfish. We just wanted to have a good time and please one another among our group.

I don’t think Judi had a right to be upset that Stasi was hanging out with Shelly. I mean, Stasi can hang out with whomever she wants. She is a grown woman. I think Judi just felt like her only close friend in the house was being taken away by her enemy and she did not like it.

When Shelly started yelling at the anti-homosexual protesters, me and the other girls came out to support her. I think if someone is your friend, they should support you when it comes to something that important to you. I think that Tasha and Priscilla should have supported Shelly. I honestly don’t know if Tasha is homophobic or what her deal is, but I don't think she should act that way or say certain things that are offensive.

I don’t think the fight between Shelly and Judi in the confessional was necessary. I think things just escalated and got out of proportion, but hey it entertained everyone so what the hell?!

You should vote for me this week as the fan favorite because I’m fun, young and always up for having a good time! If you love me then vote for me, simply said! :)
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