Angelic on BGC 708

Shelly and I came to the conclusion that Stasi was the one who messed with our beds and would not admit it. Shelly was fed up with her at that point and decided to mess with her stuff. I didnt like Nastasia at that point, so hey, why not help her out! I never touched Stasi's contacts, Shelly did and I really didnt care because I didnt like Nastasia at that point!I really felt that I could trust Shelly. Shelly always looked out for me. Even when I was mad at her and when we fought, she was always right there take care of me if I needed anything. She was loyal to me and told me a lot about herself as an individual. That really earned my trust.I stopped being honest because no one else was. Nastasia was not honest about touching my bed, so I am not going to be honest about messing with your bleach! If you dont give it honesty, you arent going to get it! Point Blank!I really couldnt have cared less about making up with Tiara, but she made an effort to explain how she felt about the situation which shows she did care. Talking to her brought back all the good memories we had, so I forgave her. Once we made up, it was nice, but it was not the same. Our relationship was still in repair.When Judi threw cereal on Priscilla while she was sleeping, I didnt know what to think. I just knew they were about to go at it and someone was probably going home.

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