Camilla on Bad Girls Club 811: When I first met the girls I thought they were whack.

I wasn't nervous coming into the Bad Girls house. I was excited for the experience but I didn't know what to expect. I knew it would be an adventure, but beyond that I didn't want to think too much about it. I just wanted to come in with a bang. When I walked into the house I expected the girls to give us a warm welcome and have drinks. I thought maybe we’d take some shots and go out and party but they were all being boring, miserable ladies. It was strange. Who sleeps in Vegas?

My first impression of Christine was that she was very bubbly and full of energy. She seemed sweet but I didn't think she knew what she was getting herself into. She seemed like a party girl who had just turned 21, but overall I liked her. She came in looking to have fun and that's what it's all about. My opinion of Christine changed after a couple days. She just seemed weak. She started to cry and think about her boyfriend too much. Christine didn't even give it a chance! I couldn't babysit her anymore. I tried but I don't have kids.

When I first met the other girls I thought that they were whack. They looked mad the moment we came in. How are you a Bad Girl in bed at six o’clock in Vegas? Amy seemed like she liked to party so I thought she could be cool. Mimi acted like a mother hen towards me. She asked me why I went skinny dipping in the pool as if it wasn't normal. She just irritated me from the beginning. I didn't pay much attention to Gia but I thought she was pretty. Elease looked at me with an attitude before she had even met me. So in my head I was like, "Here we go!” Erica had a big mouth and an ugly face. In my opinion, she cannot rap at all. Her voice is too annoying to rap, it made my ears bleed! She made me want to start rapping again and murder her on her own track. But A for effort!

When Christine said she wanted to go home I was trying to beg her to stay. After a few tries I was like, “Why am I trying to beg a grown woman to stay somewhere she doesn't want to be? So I decided to help her leave. I don't think she deserved to have her stuff thrown or her hair pulled but life isn't fair and she wasted a lot of people's time. It's not easy getting into the house. That spot could have been given to someone who really wanted to be there.

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