Camilla on Bad Girls Club 813: I wish I didnt have to put my hands on anyone.

I wanted to stay in the house knowing the girls didn't like me because I came to enjoy the experience of The Bad Girls Club. I have friends and family that live in Vegas so I didn't need to be friends with the other girls. I'm the only child so I can handle being on my own. It didn't bother me that none of the girls wanted to get to know me. It was fine with me that they didn’t invite me anywhere because I am used to being on my own. My friends and family came to the house to visit me. I knew I wasn’t really alone because California is right next door. I know how to party by myself so I can enjoy myself in any situation. The girls thought it would bother me but I kept it moving. 

My only intentions when I asked Crystal to come over were to have fun and party. She's from Long Beach but lives in Vegas so I called her over. I was not thinking of starting a fight but if the girls tried to start something with me she's was going to help. At this point I knew these girls were punks so I knew they wouldn't do anything. Overall I just wanted to live it up with a good friend and get away from the haters!

I was surprised that the girls didn't say anything when my family came since they had so much to say before that. This proved to me that they were scared, as they should have been. They tried to jump me and I called my mother who lives less than four hours away. So she came to my rescue like she should. They never came out for five hours. If they were really so bad they would have come out and done something as soon as my family entered the house.

When Mimi came into my room while I was sleeping I was shocked because you would think she would stop being the guinea pig for the other girls since she’s been beat up the whole season. I didn't understand the point of it since we were going home the next morning. She came in to my room to take things that didn’t belong to either of us. How stupid is she? I was pissed. I don't regret hitting her. They were all standing outside my room with tennis shoes like they were going to combat. She deserved what she got for interrupting my beauty sleep since she's always complaining about someone disrupting hers.

The best part of my time in the house was zip lining and having my friends and family over. I didn't really care about being in a mansion because we do that every day in California. The experience was fun but I wish there were mature females in the house that were secure with themselves. That was the worst part of the experience: dealing with immature girls that said and did the dumbest things. 

I have gained a lot of fans and exposure from being in the house. I held my own all by myself which I'm so proud of. I wish I didn't have to put my hands on anyone but these ladies shouldn't have mistaken my kindness for weakness and next time they'll know not to let the lip gloss fool you. I came in to the house for two weeks and made the season better than ever. I know one thing: I had a blast and I'm happy I was able to make the show a success. I’m the best replacement in Bad Girls history. I made my appearance and now I'm off to see the wizard…LOL.

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