Camilla on BGC 812: I did what I wanted without anyones approval.

I dont do fake females who smile in your face and then talk behind your back.

I'm always down for people drinking a cocktail by themselves but a whole bottle Demitra thought she was crazy for drinking that much. My guy friends don't even drink that much in such a short period of time. Clearly she was going through something for her to have drunk that entire bottle. It's like she needs to feel loved. I know she’s got a man’s haircut but didn't think she could drink like one too.

After Mimi threw up her room smelled really bad. Since I'm such a nice person, I let Elease move in with me. I could have been really mean and not cared but for what? I was fortunate as a kid to always have my own room so I didn't mind. But I really didn't know her so I was like hmm.... let's see how this goes.

The night of the fight with Amy, we had had a great conversation for like an hour and a half. We had cocktails and talked about relationships and I felt like I had finally connected with a girl in the house. She was cool. We were laughing and talking about her ex-boyfriend Jake. We decided to get in the shower and while inside she was slipping around and just being drunk. I was trying to calm her down but she was just too wild for me. I didn’t really know her so I wasn’t about to give her passes for slapping my hand and talking sh*t, drunk or not. The fight was not over a towel. It was the way she came charging at me. There are certain things you say that mean you want something to happen. Her saying “let me put clothes on,” to me, meant she wanted to fight. She put her clothes on and she came charging like a crazy woman. I don’t like people in my bubble, so I pushed her down. Then she came up again and I said screw it! BOOM! Now I can watch what she was like before I got there and I can see she has gotten away with that move many times, but it wasn’t going to happen with me. The next morning when she came in to talk, I was kind of mad that she came in to my room waking me up. Of course she wanted peace, I slapped her around! I was surprised by all of it but I had nothing against her. No hard feelings.

I planned the zip-lining trip to do something fun. Then they wouldn’t even talk to me when we were there. It was funny because these girls have attitudes for no reason. I guess they were mad since I beat up Amy and came in super cute and stole the show. I just came to have a good time they just wanted to ignore me, especially Elease. So in my head I was plotting to move her bed out. I think they mistook my kindness for weakness. How is it that everything I told Elease, the other girls knew? She ran her damn mouth. I don’t do fake females who smile in your face and then talk behind your back. There was no reason for her to sleep in my room if she was going to do that. I didn’t care if moving her bed out would instigate a fight because I did what I wanted to do without anyone’s approval. That’s how I felt at the time, and I did it. I don’t speak about it, I just do it. She could have come to me but she ran and told her crew like a baby that needs her diaper changed. She needed her crew to back her up. I stood alone and strong.

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