Camilla on BGC 814: I didnt plan on fighting anyone, but you never know what will happen.

Going into the reunion, the only girls I wanted to see were the twins and Jenna since I wasn't able to meet them. I also wanted to meet Tanisha. Dani and Gabi are so funny to me. They speak their mind and don't care, but they know they can't fight and they don't have a problem saying it. Much love girls.

It was cool to see Christine again. We discussed the situation and we're over it. She shouldn't be called a Bad Girl. She didn't do anything to me that is worth her being called one, but she's cool and a sweet person so I wish her the best of luck. She made the cut so I guess she can get a pass.

It was nothing for me to see Erica, Elease, Amy, Demitra, and Gia again. I really could care less about those girls, but I wish them luck in whatever they’re trying to get out of doing the show.

I didn't plan on fighting anyone at the reunion, but you never know what will happen. I had heard that the girls were out to jump me at the reunion so I was ready for whatever.

The biggest issue I wanted to confront on the reunion was the fact that they tried to jump me after I brought my family to the house. The girls were so scared they didn't even come out the room when my family was there. I also wanted to ask them why they were so jealous of me and why they thought I wanted to fit in with a bunch of lame girls. Why does my career and who I know bother them so much?

I was the angriest with Elease because when we were at the BGC house, Elease had said something about my mother. She was the main person talking behind my back. I don't like fake or jealous people. It’s clear after watching the show that she didn't like me for what reason? No reason at all. I can't help who I know and work with so don't be mad at me. If she was smart, she would have jumped on my bandwagon, but she befriended girls who jumped her three times. Silly little Elease. She had way too much to say about me behind my back instead of saying it to my face. She always waited to get around the other girls. I jumped her at the reunion because she was talking too much. She was talking like she was hard, so I put her in her place. Especially being in home in California, I wasn't letting her get away with anything.

I don’t regret anything from my time in the house except helping to move Christine out. I had fun, I partied with family and friends, and I beat up the whole house. (Except for Erica and Gia but that’s because they were scared.) I don't blame them. But overall I had a blast making it all about me. Thanks ladies! I wish I didn't have to change my character, but these girls definitely pissed me off.

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