Cheyenne on BGC 710

After the first week in the house my patience level was starting to drop. I'm just tired of everyone b*tching and being over dramatic about every damn thing. Thats not my type of folk.I think the girls responded so negatively over my comment about going to ghetto black clubs every night just because of the way it came out in the limo when I was drunk. They didn't realize what I really meant by what I said. First of all I was throwwwwed and didnt use my words in the most effective way, but it has nothing to do with black people. It has everything do with the lack of diversity. I dont want to go to an all white or Latino club either. You feel me? And I wasnt referring to all black people as ghetto either. We went to the hood. Every night. There were metal detectors and we were strip-searched. Sh*t I am not used to. What you have to understand is I was getting harassed even being in there because I was the only white girl -- which isnt cool especially when I was just trying to go out, dance, have a good time and meet cool people. And it wasnt like my drunk ass was b*tching about it until it became a pattern of the same sh*t every night. I dont mind going, but the repetitiveness gets boring for me. I was tired of the music and the people being rude to me for MY color. It doesnt have sh*t to do with race. Sorry if it offended you, but I cant make a racist comment if Im not racist. Stasi said the same sh*t about trailer park white people which offended Shelly, regardless if Stasi is half white. Tasha passed comments about the whole gay community. It has nothing to do with us being racist. Maybe I didnt explain myself in the best way. All I have to say is sorry. I was drunk and fed up at that point. I think its selfish to want to take to the limo the same clubs every night of the week. I do apologize for the way it came out, but I honestly don't think its wrong to want to go to clubs where everyone can find their own preference. I think it was a b*tch move for Nastasia to sleep in a bed that someone else made. Its just causing more bullsh*t drama that I don't want to be apart of. She's trying to prove a point that no one cares to be proven. It was a b*tch move and I really can't stand rude people. She needs to let loose of this power struggle. At the time I was arguing with Nastasia, I guess I felt closest with Shelly. She did step in and say some words when I was arguing with Nastasia, but really she just let us deal with the bullsh*t situation on our own.

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