Dani on BGC 814: She needed to be put in her place.

I was not looking forward to seeing any of these lame ass b*tches at the reunion. Erica needed a muzzle, Amy needed to go to AA, Jenna needed to be on a different reality show, Gia needed a bra, Mimi needed a body transplant and Elease needed Jesus. Need I say more? The only person I was excited to meet was my replacement, Camilla. I had heard she handled business when Gabi and I left! I came to the reunion wanting to talk about Erica and Gia's flip flopping. Also, the fact that Elease was a jumpee who then became a jumper, and the fact Amy says she was a “Bad Girl” but only turned on me and Gabi because she was scared about numbers.

The entire time in the house Elease sounded like she watched too much television so it was funny when we brought her “script.” She was trying to be someone she wasn’t but you can’t bullsh*t a bullsh*tter, Elease! We brought the syrup with the intention of dumping it on Mimi’s head once she decided to get smart at the mouth. Elease probably thought she was the main target but Gabi and I equally had it out for everyone there.

The girls said I trash talk them online and I sure do! But it’s nothing that America hasn’t seen for themselves. I’m a realist; I bring the truth to surface. It’s not my fault the girls get upset because I call them out. Erica was convinced that she ran the house. It’s like someone hit her in the head and she lost her memory. A person that talks sh*t but needs an army behind her does not run anything but a circus show. She was obsessed with Gabi and me on Twitter. She needed to be put in her place.

Looking back, I wish I was never cool with Erica and Gia. I wish I had never participated in jumping anyone. When you live in the BGC house, you live in this chaotic world. You do things you may have never done regularly.

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