Demitra: I'm a Bad Girl because...

I’m a Bad Girl because I love to party and I do what I want.I'm mad laid back and the fact that I don't conform bothers a lot of people. That's fine by me though! I've never been a bully, never been fake and I refuse to be now! It's me against the world and if you can't get with that, then get the f*ck off!

I was excited to find out I had been chosen to be on the Bad Girls Club! And Las Vegas at that?! Who wouldn't be geeked?! I knew I was getting into something that would be a challenge, but I was ready...AT LEAST I thought I was LOL!

When I first met Jenna I was like, 'her boobs are HUGE'! LOL, but after that initial shock, I remember thinking she would be a lot of fun and I was looking forward to getting to know her. Erica, I def thought I would bump heads with. I could tell she was a no-nonsense kind of chick, but it was okay because I was used to those. AND I thought she had f*ckin awesome hair! Gia, she was the sex kitten from the jump. Wild child but again I was familiar with that type so I def thought we would get along. Amy...well I wasn't quite sure what to make of her. Pageant queen? College party kegger? I don't know. Something was off though. Twinsies…I thought they were the cutest things but they were chosen for a reason. Dani looked like she was going to be the real trouble though. All in all I just remembered thinking, season 8 is about to mix sh*t up!

This season, you can expect 100% of me. I pick and choose my battles carefully, I drink, I scream, I yell, I cry, I party and I def grow as a woman. If you're looking for someone who lies and schemes, I'm not your chick. I'm bad for different reasons. SO F*CK WHO DON'T LIKE IT!

XOXO, Mimi

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