Demitra on Bad Girls 802

I was actually happy to see Gia walk back in the house.I didn't think she needed to go. She was provoked several times that night and had every reason to go bonkers.

When I took Amy’s weave out of the oven, I honestly thought she might laugh. She told us she was a jokester and liked to play pranks so I didn't get her reaction at all. I figured that she had been drinking that morning and I also figured she hadn't sobered up from the night before.

When she said she didn’t remember why she hit me, I was thinking she definitely had a mental disorder. Like there were definitely a couple dots missing from her domino.

When Jenna defended Amy, I was very disappointed in her. Right is right and Amy was DEAD ASS WRONG.

As for my kiss at Krave…that kiss was so uncomfortable. I was honestly being a good sport. In one word: YUCK.

My reasoning behind hanging out with Amy at the club after our fight was that if this had been the streets, I would have never spoken to her again. But this early in the experience I wanted to give everyone a fair chance. In her case, a very guarded fair chance. Oh and the other hos need to mind their f*cking business.

Amy and Burgundy’s wedding was cute and funny and I would definitely hire the priest.

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