Elease on BGC 811: I got caught up in the moment when I shouldnt have gotten involved.

When Camilla and Christine first arrived at the house, they seemed really excited to be there. It reminded me of how I was when I first got to the Bad Girls house. But I didn’t care if they were there or not because I never felt like a new girl to begin with. I didn’t think they necessarily should have been treated the way I was because I’m not that type of person. How they were treated in the house was based on their attitude.

I didn’t necessarily warm to them after the fight at the club, even though it seemed like we all got closer. I couldn’t tell what type of people they were just based on one fight. But I did think it was stupid that Christine decided to leave so soon. Being in the BGC house is a once in a lifetime experience and she didn’t even give it a shot. She left just to be with her boyfriend. But even so, it was absolutely not right of us to jump her in the car as she was leaving. I definitely got caught up in the moment when I shouldn’t have gotten involved. I’ve apologized to her since then.

Erica’s music was great. I loved it. She had a club banger! She could be successful if she wants it badly enough.

As for Gia’s situation with Jazzy and Matt, I wouldn’t even consider that a love triangle. I knew Gia was gonna stick with Matt!

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