Elease on BGC 812: At that point it was out of my hands.

I regret jumping Christine. That was way out of my character and I was just caught in the moment. I have apologized since then. But I didn’t understand why Mimi didn’t show so much concern for me when I was the target. It made me change how I felt about her. But regardless of that, I don’t think she is a possessive friend. I’m a nice person to be around so anyone would like being around me. It doesn’t make her possessive.

I hated the fact that Mimi was drinking away her problem that night. But at that point it was out of my hands. I didn't know how to react.

I thought that Camilla officially lost it when she moved my bed. But I knew if she started it, I was gonna finish it. When she called me fake I thought she was confusing me with herself because she was the only one being fake!

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