Erica on BGC 806

I feel like she suffered enough and I wasted my whole afternoon trying to make things right, but the twins just decided to mess it all up. I wasn't too sure whether Amy had a part in the whole mattress scandal, but I didn't count her out either.

When Gia got into her drunken fight with Matt, I was just more worried about Gia's well being than the whole drama itself. Whatever Gia and Matt were going through is between them, I just wanted to make sure she and everyone else was safe. I did feel that Matt should give Gia a second chance after that because I knew she was too drunk and not in the right state of mind for the moment.

Amy could have tried to stop Gia from drinking as much as she did, but at the same time, Gia's going to do what Gia wants to do whether or not we try to stop her.

I think Amy over-reacted with the whole panty situation because it really was just a harmless joke and she made it into something bigger than it was supposed to be.

The bikini contest was interesting to watch. We got to see all different kinds of shapes of women, and I applaud anyone who actually gathers the nerve to go up there and try to win.


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