Erica on BGC 807: I wouldnt say I formed an alliance with the twins.

When Amy and Demitra went streaking, I thought more power to them!

A scavenger is a person who tries to free load off of other people, and that was my first impression of Matt’s friends. I mean who shows up to someone’s house empty handed, and then try to eat our food and drink our liquor? Those boys were a joke! I was just a little surprised when I found out Elease was telling all the guys that she was jumped because I felt like I tried my best to show her how sorry I was for what we did and I wanted us to put it behind us and move on. 

When I found out I was going to Lake Havasu, I was excited to go on a road trip because it seemed like fun. I knew sharing a hotel room with six other girls was going to get a little crazy because there was literally no room to breathe. 

My favorite part about being on a boat was the enjoying the relaxation of it. I liked the scenery, but I wasn't good with being on it too long because I get sea/lake sick. I didn't want to hang out with everyone on the other boat because I was sick so I just wanted to take the time out to relax and get away from everybody else. 

I wouldn’t say I formed an alliance with the twins. I think we were just trying to start some trouble and have fun and that's why we left the girls at the club. I thought leaving the girls at the club and locking them out was funny at first, but I guess they didn't see the humor in it so I felt bad afterwards. I didn’t own up to locking the girls out and popping Amy’s blowup palm tree because I thought it was funny to give them something to wonder about. I feel like Mimi was going a little over board with her reaction, but then again we left them behind so anybody would've been pissed, I guess. 

When I saw the broken MARS necklace, I was shocked and surprised that the twins actually broke it because I knew Mimi would be pissed if she found out what they did!

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