Erica on BGC 810: Why would they stay in a house where no one likes them?

By Erica BGC8

When Christopher came to visit, I think he was taken out of his element. He wasn’t used to the cameras. He acted differently than he is normally because he’s not used to being in a house with all females and being watched all day. I don’t regret having him come, but I should have listened to him when he said that BGC wasn’t the place for him to be.

I was surprised and happy when Mimi came back to the house. She deserved to finish this experience with the rest of us.

Dani instigated the fight without Gabi by her side, which was pretty surprising. She doesn’t usually fight her own battles. She always needs her sister to back her up. I guess she didn’t think she was going to get touched after she threw trash in our room, but she thought wrong! I knew she wouldn’t fight back because she doesn’t know how to. All she knows how to do is run her mouth. She doesn’t even own up to what she says.

I knew Gabi and Dani would leave soon after that, I just didn’t know how soon. Why would they stay in a house where no one likes them? They were scared to leave their room! They got security to escort them back and forth because they were scared of getting beat up again. Meanwhile they tortured Elease for days and days and she never needed security to protect her.

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