Gabi on Bad Girls 801

My expectations coming in were to stick with my sister, work on our relationship, and if possible make new friends in the process.But, if that wasn't possible to stand my own GROUND like I say I do.

I was looking forward to growing as a person and especially getting my foot through the industries door. We are from a small town so it's hard to do that where we come from. This opportunity was God sent. Dani and I have plans to do so much and this was a blessing in disguise for us to explore life EVERYWHERE-we just needed to start in the Bad Girls Club first.

I honestly thought the fight between Gia and Amy was funny. You can't really see me but in the limo I was cracking up the whole time. It's NOT that serious. Just clean your jeans in the morning when you are sober. But hey, alcohol will do that to you. It went way too far for something so little, so at the time I felt like someone needed to face consequences. And, the whole night I was watching everyone figuring them ALL out.

This was my very first time in Vegas. In fact this was my very first time away from home PERIOD. So, just imagine what a transition this was for me!

It was the best feeling knowing I had my sister. YES we bicker, it's what siblings do, but she was there day in and day out and the Bad Girls Club house brought us closer than ever instead of tearing us apart. And, I appreciate that more than anything.

The fight with Gia and Jenna was hilarious. LOL. At this point Gia needed a nap. She probably didn't even know the difference between her right foot and her left foot. They legit fought because Gia was talking nonsense but it was the alcohol. She changed A LOT when alcohol was in her. You should just walk away from her at that point but Jenna had to put in her two cents so there goes another dumb fight.

I didn't really care about Gia leaving. Barely knew the chick. All I knew was she had "issues.” She needed help and maybe this experience and being sent home would allow her to see that. There was no need to start off that dramatic. What's the point of that?

Overall in the first episode I'm in the shadow of everyone. I like to check everyone out and see what I'm up against. You'll see me spending more time on my apple than on the petty drama that went down the first night. The strong move quiet so these girls had no idea when I was really showing up to the party. Stay tuned for the whole new season of Bad Girls Club Las Vegas. This might be the best season yet!
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