Gabi on BGC 806

They want to get her a mattress?

Well then they can suck my d*ck! I thought Gia, Erica and Elease would have gone off about it but they were all silent after we ruined the mattress. They blamed Amy for being involved when she wasn’t. I secretly feel they never liked her and this was an imaginary excuse they all came up with to finally treat her like sh*t openly. SMH FAIL...the party went on without them. Amy’s still a f*cking weirdo but she is so much fun to go out with, which is why you see us hanging out with her more in this episode.

I wasn’t surprised Elease won the swimsuit competition. But at the end of the day Dani beat out Gia and Amy and became runner up to Elease. Elease is a video vixen type chick so stuff like this is right up her alley.

I personally thought that Gia had to have some insecurity issues if she had to be that drunk before a guy came over. I thought the fight was TOO much. The other girls blamed Amy for letting Gia get too drunk but UMM HELL NO. It was just another excuse to treat her like sh*t for no reason. Gia is a grown ass female. No one can tell her what she can or cannot do.

Matt should give her a second chance, but he should know this is how she is when she drinks and if he can handle it, then by all means jump on the Gia train. He can have himself a good ride while she's in Vegas.

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