Gia on BGC 806

I didn't feel disrespected when the twins destroyed the mattress, I was just trying to be nice by getting it for her.

Honestly, I wasn't surprised that it happened. Erica had a feeling they were up to something and I thought she might be right.

I honestly don't remember anything on this so called "date" with Matt. I really didn't consider that a date. All I remember is that Amy and I killed almost two bottles of vodka. When I saw the trailer I was just like, “okayyyyyy I was going crazy.” Lol!

I don’t blame Amy for getting me drunk. I wanted to drink. It was just some day drinking... that's all. When Amy got mad about the panties prank, I told her no one went through her stuff and took the panties. We didn’t even know whose they were!

I honestly didn't care that I wasn’t a finalist in the swimsuit competition because I didn't wanna do it in the first place!

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