Judi on BGC 703

I’ve found myself in a clique with Stasi, Tiara and Angelic. It makes sense. My clique just wants to have fun and party!

When the other girls ditched us for dinner and stayed out without letting us know my feelings were hurt, but more than that I was hungry! DAMN!

The party that night was amazing. The other clique was criticizing us, of course, but they just need to mind their own business.

When I heard that we were going to be the Grand Marshals at the parade, I was so excited! I’m creole, and the parade was crackin’! I felt like a celebrity. After the after party at the club, I decided to bring my boy back to the house. It was time for me to have some male company – girls are too much sometimes. The other girls freaked out when I told them I had sex with him in the confessional room, but seriously come on! I’m a grown ass woman and this is the Bad Girls Club, not the Lame Game Show. UGH.

Later, Tasha and Priscilla came to talk to me at the bar. I was thankful for my talk with them. It was a stress reliever and I truly think they were trying to help me. I thought this could be a new start for us. But then Stasi told me I couldn’t trust them. I was so confused, I hate being in the middle of things.


Fans should vote for me for the Bing Fan Favorite this week because I do me and I’m 100% myself. I’m a real b*tch. All 365 degrees!
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