Judi on BGC 708

Everyone was being so petty when they were messing with Stasis things. I knew for a fact those girls wouldnt say anything or fess up to it. I definitely feel like Angie is phony. All I know is I wanted Priscilla to go home badly. I felt like if I sent her home, it would have changed the dynamic of the house in a good way. I was sick of her voice and her stupid ways. I was also sick of her starting with me! I knew that if I sent one of their members home, their clique would just get weaker!First of all, Priscilla wasnt even sleeping when I dumped the cereal on her. She was drunk and passed out! The reason why I did it, is because I wanted to do something that would make her go home. When Priscilla finally came out of her room to fight, I thought to myself here goes nothing! And before I knew it, it was crackin! But lets get one thing straight. I was winning, and she was losing.

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