Bad Girls Club 812: Breakup, Breakdown.

Hey kidz! It’s Liz Out Loud. Did you miss me last week? I too was sad we had a week off, but now I’m back! This will be short one though (count your blessings!).

Last time we spoke we had just seen the new Bad Girl Christine drive away after she had been beaten up by the compassionate trio of Gia, Camilla, and Elease. In the aftermath, fragile Mimi is scared. They picked on the weak girl and she is afraid she is next. When Mimi expresses her remorse to Elease, Elease tries to justify her behavior in a whack way. Elease is all, you didn’t show any regret when you treated me that way, why now??? And I’m all, better late than never, Elease! I am proud Mimi has shown that she has grown.

Camilla, meanwhile, is disgusted with the dirty house so she hires a cleaning service. Would you be surprised that the two men that come over to clean are also stripper wannabes? Of course you wouldn’t be, because this is the Bad Girls Club! They do a very good job both cleaning the sink and pole dancing, which is an essential skill in a housekeeper.

That night the girls decide to go to Krave. But before they go out, Mimi drinks a whole bottle of Hennessey to calm her nerves because why not? Gia walks around in her panties and Erica flatirons her red extensions which she is not actually wearing at the moment. This shocks me because I can’t believe she willingly attaches those to her head. Eek.

Mimi surprisingly gets really drunk from the Hennessey and pukes everywhere. She passes out while the other girls go out, where Amy and Camilla begin to bond. When everyone returns home, Elease decides to move her bed out of Mimi’s room and into the VIP room. Mimi wakes up and starts flipping out. She feels betrayed! The next morning, however, she is completely recovered. I am in awe of her endurance.

The day is young so of course Amy and Camilla start drinking. Erica and Gia decide that Camilla is fake. Camilla totally understands why people might think that, because she is tall and beautiful and has a great personality. If “having a great personality” is code for “beating up girls she just met,” then yes, Camilla has a great personality. Amy and Camilla get naked and take a shower together. When Camilla jumps out to grab a towel, Amy asks for her to pass one into the shower for her. When Camilla refuses, all hell breaks loose. Now, I’m not quite sure when Amy was hit with the bashful stick since I’m pretty sure we see her streaking in every episode but this really hits a nerve with her. The girls attack each other, weaves literally fly, and finally the producers have to intervene. A real lover’s quarrel! The fight wakes up Gia and Erica. Gia looks genuinely frightened in her bed which I think is more shocking than the actual fight.

Camilla is rabid. She calls home crying but she’s not sad. No, she’s PISSED! She blames Amy for making her “go ghetto.” Always someone else’s fault! The next morning, however, Amy approaches Camilla to talk. They make up but Camilla has got her eye on Amy. The blonde cannot be trusted!

Because loyalties last about three seconds in the house, all the girls go zip-lining together. Even though Camilla planned the outing and everyone was willing to go, they all ignore Camilla. This time they go over a mountain, and not a mall. Gia points out that they have to open their legs up for this, which (she says) they are quite good at.

Back at the house another fight breaks out when Camilla decides to kick Elease out of her room (always so much moving around I can’t keep track!). Elease and Camilla call each other fake (no way!). Elease and company throw Camilla’s mattress in the pool. More hair is pulled, this time poor Mimi’s bangs at the hands of Camilla. She runs off in shame of her newly bald head.

Ahhhh…just another day in the Bad Girls Club. And to think we only have one more week!

Till next time—


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