Bad Girls Club Recap Reunion Part 2: Pillow Fights and Regrets.

Kidz! It’s that time of the week again, when we talk about the things one should never ever do in public. Yes, that’s right, it’s the second and final part of the Bad Girls Club Season 8 reunion! Ready?

The episode begins where we left off last week, with screaming! The twins tell us that they were going to bring a black card for our red-bottom-wearing friend Erica so she wouldn’t have to do tricks for money anymore. Their words, not mine! Everyone gets riled up so Tanisha enjoys some popcorn while she watches the theatrics.

We revisit Mimi’s MARS necklace. Still broken, folks! She says she was not upset about the chain itself but the idea that someone went through her stuff. I’m Team Mimi here, though not Team Mimi’s Hairdo. I want her blonde bangs back!

Erica, who is trying REALLY hard to redeem herself, starts tearing up when Tanisha says she likes seeing her vulnerable side. Erica seems to realize there is no need to be mean. But not Gia! Oh, good old Gia, still wearing her custom made jumpsuit, says that it’s all fine and dandy to be nice to each other in person but then don’t take it to Twitter to talk trash. As we all know, Twitter and Facebook are more dangerous than nuclear weapons.

The only fun-loving person on the show finally comes out. Yes, we are talking about Jenna. Jenna is wearing a mildly classy sparkly outfit (hey, it’s still the Bad Girls Club) and she says she’s embarrassed to have taken part in this show. Before she went on the show, she had been a social worker at a homeless shelter so she thought this would be a fun experience. How wrong she was! They then rehash the fight that sent her packing, with the boys and lamp throwing and everything in between. Mimi observes that Jenna disrespected the house. How??? I want to ask. By having fun? You destroyed mattresses, jumped people, and ran around naked. Jenna actually seems deeply affected by her time in the house, however brief it was. She gave up drinking for a couple of months even. Christine and Camilla remark that they would have been cool with her.

The conversation then turns to Elease’s semi-hookup with rapper Pleasure P. Turns out home girl has a boyfriend! Oh, snap! She denies that anything happened with PP, that it was just flirting. Riiiiiight.

So far, the reunion has been relatively calm. But we know that’s not going to last! Camilla accuses Mimi and Elease of wanting to date basketball players but then says they cheat so why would you do that? Mimi and Elease deny ever saying this, they scream, then Elease throws a pillow at Camilla and they attack each other! As all hell breaks loose onstage, the twins giggle because for once they aren’t a part of it.

Oh, but that doesn’t last! Turns out that Gabi actually has a heart and she and Erica decide to hug it out and forget about the past. Dani is not having it, so she and Gabi start screaming at each other and Dani storms off the stage. Gabi follows her and they fight behind the scenes.

While the twins are gone, Tanisha asks Gia about DJ Matt. Gia says they’re not talking anymore because he didn’t buy her flowers (I would have asked for clothes that actually cover my body, but that’s me). She admits that she went back to Vegas after the show ended and they saw each other but they have not exchanged words since.

The twins return to the stage, we talk about Erica’s rap career (ha!), and then it’s time to wrap up. Tanisha asks the girls if they would do it again. Shockingly, they almost all say yes. Erica says she’d be quieter. Gabi says she wouldn’t have jumped people, and Camilla would not have jumped Amy after a steamy shower together. Ah, maturity! Jenna, the most normal of the bunch, says she would never do it again.

So there you have it. Season 8 of the Bad Girls Club. It’s been quite the ride, for sure.

See you next season in Mexico!


Liz Out Loud

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