Priscilla on BGC 703

The house splitting into cliques was bound to happen. I became closer with Tasha and Shelly because they were real from the jump. They never gave me a reason to dislike them.

When the three of us stayed out for dinner I didnt think it was a big deal. Like, we were out and we were hungry! Whats the problem??

When I heard we would be the Grand Marshals at the Mardi Gras parade, I was so excited to be able to experience this type of even! The parade was awesome, I had a blast! I absolutely love NOLAs culture. At the after party, I was able to see the other girls true colors!

I couldnt believe it when I found out that Judi had sex in the confessional room! The trash bag was at it again. She has no consideration for anyone in the house. She knew we all have to go in there! She should have had sex in her own bed like a normal person.

After that, Tasha and I decided to mess around with her head a bit. I mean, its already messed up, so at least we got a bit of comical relief! Was it a little mean? Nah.


Fans should vote for me for the Fan Favorite because I stand up for myself and I call it like it is.
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