Shelly on BGC 709

I honestly did not really care about Cheyenne.I think Judy got what she deserved from Priscilla. I am a firm believer that you do not mess with someone while they are asleep.

I was not so pleased when Priscilla had to leave. I really loved experiencing everything with her. She is a great person and I did not want her to go.

Hell no, I did not feel bad for Judi the morning after her fight with Priscilla!!!! She did all of that on her own. Honestly I am surprised Judi did not look worse.

I honestly did not really care about Cheyenne when she moved in. After Priscilla left, I just did not give a damn about getting to know someone else.

Even after Priscilla left, Judi was still acting up. She started accusing Angie of being fake. I really have no idea how Judis thought process works.

I was stuck in that house living with people I didnt want to live with, but Ill be damned to be stuck in my bedroom with the same people. Judy was hitting max craziness and I was tired of being worried of waking up and having someone like her staring at me.

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