Shelly on BGC 710

The plans for Tiaras birthday were fine. I like Tiara so I wanted her to have a great b-day. Plus the house was getting along, so it was sure to be a good time. Cheyenne was a cool chick. Very different from the other girls. When I said she is just what the house needed," I meant she is not as high strung as everyone and she reminded me of some of my friends back home. Cheyenne saying that she was tired of going to ghetto black clubs was a terrible thing to say. Terrible! You never ever bash someones outlet based on a race that attends it. It just sounds uneducated and hateful. Nastasia was obviously trying to play big dog when she took Cheyennes bed. I honestly thought she was just f-ing tired. The childish game was not worth it. If Stasi wanted to be lazy let her be lazy Cheyenne would get another bed. It was stupid and something a child would pull. I really did not think about why Nastasia wanted to be friendly with me. It was just nice to have everyone not be at each others throats. Other than that, it did not make a huge difference in my life. I never tried to make best buddies with her and that was not going to change no matter what.

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