Tasha on BGC 704

Tony seemed like a nice guy but seemed more interested in promoting the club that he manages than anything. I didnt like him because he seemed like he had other reasons for being around Priscilla. I will always have my girls backs and tell them exactly what I see. I dont think what Tony was doing was right. Was I jealous? NO WAY!!! Priscilla is a great girl and I REFUSE to see her settle for a guy that really was just hanging around to promote his club.When Shelly and Nastasia got into a fight at the restaurant, I had no idea why they were making such a big deal out of the situation. I think Stasi was trying to put on an act for the cameras. She looked like a FOOL trying to act as if she "runs" sh*t! The point is she called her mom trailer trash and that was SOO FUNNY! Shelly was just asking her why she said "trailer trash WHITE? as if all white people are trailer trash. I thought the whole Judi driving situation was pretty funny! I can for sure relate to Judi when she has NO IDEA where to go and everyone else that was riding in the car was drunk and annoying! Its never fun to be a DD, but worse when you have no GPS and are LOST!---You should vote for me in the Fan Favorite poll this week because I think people underestimated me. As you can see- I ALWAYS stand up for myself!

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