Tiara on BGC 711

I thought it was weird that Stasi was spending time with Shelly because it was obvious that she didn't like her but then I asked her why she was doing it and I understood her plan fully.The voodoo museum was so weird and creepy. Everything my grandmother had told me flew out the window. The people inside the voodoo shop were so creepy and I was just trying really hard not to piss them off so they wouldn't put a spell on me.Judi is weird and crazy, that's why she wanted to repair that ugly doll. I love Judi but I HATED that doll with a strong passion.Judi and Cheyenne hanging out was okay. It really didn't bother me. Overall, Cheyenne is a good person for Judi to hang out with; I just don't like some of her ways.I was beyond EXCITED about the trip to Barbados. Everything was amazing!! I loved being in the ocean and the water is so pretty out there and the people are so friendly and kind. My least favorite part about my trip to Barbados was the food. I love to eat and the food wasn't that appealing to my taste buds. LOLI totally agreed with Stasi that Tasha needed to complain and brag somewhere else. Tasha was very annoying and boring so I don't understand why she was still there. Tasha was so damn boring that I instantly got sleepy if I glanced over at her.It wasn't my problem that Stasi tried to kick Judi out. By that point, I had gotten really fed up with always talking up for people. I needed to start letting go and letting people know that they need to have a backbone because Im not always going to be around to help. Im not "Captain Save-A-Hoe. We had already been in the house for months and if Judi hadn't learned anything and couldn't stand her ground then maybe she needed to go. But clearly she learned something because at the end of the day she was still there and I was proud of her.

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