Tiara on BGC Reunion Part 2

I dont really have any unfinished business with any of my roommates. I just don't appreciate how some of them talked all that sh*t about me when I wasn't around, but didn't have anything to say to me to my face. Final words for the other girls? I enjoyed staying in the house with you b*tches and even though I don't like some of you, Im happy I got a chance to share that experience with you. No one really knows how it was but the girls I lived with, and besides the bad times, we also had a lot of GREAT times :)

From my time on BGC I have learned to have more patience. But after seeing the show, I regret not whooping more peoples asses, but then again I really don't regret it because I would have ended up going home and I wanted to stay the entire time.

To my fans, I love you guys so much. :) You guys have stood by me for the longest and I appreciate you for that. All 90k plus twitter followers I have, I love you all. I love #TeamTiara #TeamTDolla and #TeamBoojie. You guys want me back on TV so bad and I promise I won't let you down. My personality will take me very far in life and I will be back on your TV screens soon. Thank you for everything and thank you for always having my back. Your love and support means the world to me and when I think about how down you guys are for me it brings tears to my eyes. Yall know Im far from being an emotional person. T-dolla from the G loves you all and ALWAYS remember to "keep it cute or put that sh*t on MUTE" *snaps fingers, flips hair, and walk away*.

For the next season of Bad Girls, I say enjoy your experience because it's amazing! I wish you all nothing but the best. This experience has bought me more success than I already had. Just be real and stay real because thats what the world loves. Be you and always stay true to yourself. Congrats on making it into the club! I love all of my Bad Girls Club sisters and Im passing my throne up to you now. Have fun and good luck with everything. If you have a problem with me I suggest you stay in your lane because Im the wrong person to f*ck with *flips hair*, but if you don't, good girl :)
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