Andreas All Alone (BGC, Ep. 914)

By Andrea BGC9

The only friend I made in the BGC house was Christina, so I was only excited to see her. I wanted to see the rest of the girls, only to say my final words to each of them.

At the reunion, I just wanted to tell all the girls how fake they were.

Julie and Rima were the main ones I was expecting to pop off with. I just wanted to call Mehgan out on her being a hater, but that's all.

I loved it coming onto the reunion stage by myself. I’d rather come out alone than with the rest of those lame wh*res.
I wasn't nervous to approach the rest of the girls because I was prepared to fight, whoever was down.

I started a fight with Rima because she ran her mouth a lot behind my back, and kept claiming she was going to “'f*ck me up”' so I wanted her to do it, or at least try to.

For the rest of the reunion, I'm looking forward to whooping Julie’s a*s. She deserves it!

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