Episode 1001: Q&A With Shannon

By Maisie Bornstein

Oxygen:  Why did you want to be on BGC? What did your family and friends say when you told them you were going on the show?
Shannon: I wanted to show people what a real Bad Girl was. I knew those b*tches didn’t even know what a real b*itch was. My family and friends supported me all the way through.

O: Did you think your military experience would help you deal with these Bad Girls?
S: Yes because I’m super solid, you can yell at me and holler and all that sh*t,  nothing is going to get under my skin.

O: How did you feel driving to the house for the first time? Were you nervous at all? How did you feel when you first got to the house? What did you think about being the last girl there?
S: The house was super dope, it was like a 6 million dollar crib. It was like three of my houses in one. I wasn’t nervous at all, of course a boss b*tch like me was gonna be the last one in the house.

O:  What was your first impression of all the other girls? Who did you think you would get along with? Who did you think you wouldn’t get along with?
S: I pretty much didn’t have any intentions on getting close with any of those girls, but I thought I would get along with the girls who dress nicely lol. I was lucky to get one friendship out of that house.

O:  Were you excited about your first night out in Atlanta? What was the best part? What was the worst part?
S: I was definitely excited, I had never been to Atlanta, but I had always heard about it. The clubs were nice and it was something new. The best part was getting out and getting seen by all the people, the worst party was having to baby sit.


O:  What did you think of Janae’s behavior on the first night?
S: Janae was cool. She stood up for herself, she wasn’t too f*cked up as if she didn’t know what those girls were saying about her.

O:  What do you think of Janae? Do you think she was causing trouble during the first couple days in ATL?
S:  I think Janae was being herself. I think she was drinking a lot because she was around people she didn’t really know, and she was easily deceived by the wrong girls. If she would keep better company she would be good.

O:  Were you excited to go out the second night? What did you think about Janae being extra drunk and sloppy and starting fights again?
S: Of course I was, it was the 2nd night. I was just staying away from Janae, because it was embarrassing. I mostly just talked to the owner of the club.

O:  What are you most excited for this season?
S: Me coming out with my own sh*t- my own lines of things, and spreading my brand all over the world- to the homies, the b*tchs, and to all my supporters.

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