Erika on BGC 903: I was tired of the house being divided.

When Rima drunkenly cried to Mehgan, Julie, and Falen, I thought she was trippin’. These girls clearly didn’t like her! Literally two minutes prior to her crying to them, she was talkin’ smack bout them! She was being fake. Especially after she noticed all the attention she was getting from acting crazy. She wanted to continue it! It was lame and not funny. Her exorcism clearly didn’t work at all because she’s still crazy.

I didn’t think Julie & Christina’s fighting was excessive because Julie talked about it all day, and it was annoying. She kept trying to make excuses for getting beat up. Given the drama, I was surprised when the whole house was suddenly on good terms, but I was happy about it. I was tired of the house being divided.

When I realized the other girls were going out and didn’t invite me or Christina, I was upset, mainly because Rima went without us and did it in a sneaky way! Then when Julie told me that Rima was talking about me behind my back, my first reaction was to bust Rima's nose. I had her back from day one!

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