Julie Gets Real (BGC, Ep. 10)

I thought Andrea's apology to Ashley was a complete pile of bullsh*t. She would have never apologized to Ashley if Rima didn't ask her to. If you're really sorry, you say it on your own, you don't have someone instruct you to do so. I think at that point she was just trying to smooth things over so we wouldn't kick her ass out of the house.

I did miss Alex while I was away, but we had a discussion before I left that we would both do our own thing. The one thing we agreed on was that we wouldn't get emotionally involved with anyone else, and I was fine with that arrangement. When my friend told me that Alex was hanging out with his ex-girlfriend I was PISSED. He was lucky enough that I gave him a free pass while I was gone to hook up with girls and do his own thing. The one thing we agreed on was not to get emotionally involved, and obviously, if you're hanging out with your ex, that's exactly what's going on. I'm just not the type to get all bent out of shape over someone, so I kept it moving.

I don't remember much of the booze cruise because I was wasted, but I remember having an awesome time. It was great to put the drama aside and just enjoy ourselves. Lesbian Lord of the Flies came out when Ashley kept saying she would never have a lesbian experience, so I wanted to be her first. We were both sexually frustrated, so it was all in good fun!

I made a calendar counting down Andrea's departure date because A. It's hilariously funny and B. there was no doubt in my mind that she would leave. If I REALLY want someone out, I get them out. I had no idea that Andrea would be at Pink Kitty, nor did I give a f*ck. They escorted us to the BAD GIRLS TABLE where Andrea happened to be sitting. We were drinking the bottle because it's a FREE bottle...obviously there's no way Andrea would shell out cash for a bottle of vodka when the b*tch won't even leave a decent tip. She just embarrassed herself further by making such a big deal about something that she did not even pay for (insert eye roll here.)

I knew Andrea and Ashley would fight as soon as Ashley touched her sh*t. At that point, I think Ashley was ready to fight her. Even though Andrea apologized to Ashley, you can't just low blow someone and expect no consequences. Plus, after Andrea apologized, she KEPT separating herself from us, and starting petty arguments. It was bound to happen. Watching Ashley fight was the best thing ever. I felt like a proud parent.

Spencer is one of the nicest guys we met in Cabo and I thought him paying the tab was really sweet! I like him and Ashley together because they're both weird. It fit really well.

I do not....repeat, DO NOT, feel bad about how I treated Andrea. The whole fight with her initially started over my comment about the stupid tip, and I asked her to drop it REPEATEDLY. She had many opportunities to make peace with everyone in the house, and she should have, because she was the one who STARTED all the bullsh*t. I wish the other girls hadn't jumped in while I was fighting her, ONLY because I think fights should be one-on-one, but I appreciate them having my back. She deserved to have her sh*t thrown in the ocean, and she deserved to go home. She kept saying we were "motivating her to stay" by trying to make her leave.

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