Julie on BGC 901: You have to expect anything and everything to happen.

I knew I would be able to hold my own in the house before I even walked in.

Whenever I first meet people, they fall into the Like or Dislike category right away. After the first night, I liked Falen, Mehgan, and Erika, and I didn't like Rima, Ashley, or Christina. This was basically divided by people I felt like I could have a conversation with, and people I couldn't.

I knew I would be able to hold my own in the house before I even walked in. I've really never been put in a situation where I've felt intimidated, and The Bad Girls Club was no exception. I really didn't have any expectations for the first night. In my opinion, this is an experience you have to go into expecting anything and everything to happen, which is exactly what I did.

I wasn’t shocked by how the girls acted at the club but I was annoyed because I was having flashbacks of friends from home who get wasted when we go out. I always seem to end up babysitting. I was pretty much thinking I was going to be living with a bunch of girls who couldn't handle their liquor and was like, "this is going to suck."

I wasn't the least bit surprised there was a disagreement the first night, because I think when you put seven strong personalities together things like that happen instantly. I definitely didn't go into the situation intending to argue with anyone right away, but I also would never shy away from saying how I feel. I wasn't surprised that I was the first person to piss someone off, because my approach can be aggressive which many people I've met do NOT like.

After my disagreement with Christina I pretty much planned to just not associate with her, but I was still anticipating us arguing again since I don't keep my mouth shut regardless of who I offend.

After the first night I think the baddest Bad Girl (besides me) was Rima. Even though I was pretty much horrified by her actions, a girl who doesn't give a f*ck to that level, is bad as hell.

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