Julie on BGC 905: I felt like our plan had completely backfired.

I was shocked when Erika was kicked out of the house. At that point, I felt like our plan had completely backfired. Prior to the plan, I hadn't really had one on one time with Erika, but during those few days we were hanging out, I actually really liked her. I was really sad to see her go.

When I found out that Falen and Rima had talked, I was more confused than anything. Falen had been on board with Mehgan and I the whole time as far as getting Rima to leave the house, and expressed disliking her just as much as we did. I also didn't understand why Rima would want to befriend her after everything that had gone down in the house. I just felt like something was sketchy about it, and wanted to make sure that Falen was careful about trusting Rima.

When I first met Andrea, I thought she was really cute and friendly. I'm very weary of people, especially in this situation. I wasn't going to jump to be her friend, but I was willing to give her a chance. Unfortunately, by the end of the night, she was annoying the sh*t out of me.

Mehgan told Falen and I that Andrea said she had a "10 page spread in King Magazine." We thought she was full of sh*t, so we investigated. When I searched for her pictures, I didn't find anything of her in King. Although we later found out she was in the magazine, it wasn't a 10 page spread.

When Falen left Mehgan and I to hang out with Rima, it didn't make me lose trust in her, but it did piss me off. At this point I just wanted Falen to be honest and say that she wanted to be friends with Rima, but I felt like she was trying to play both sides.

I never felt like my friendship with Falen was changing, I think she just felt stuck in the middle. She kept telling Mehgan and I that she didn't like Rima, but her actions were showing otherwise. I think that Falen just didn't want to hear it from Mehgan and I, because she knew that we didn't trust Rima, and therefore were weary of them being friends.

After learning about all the things that Ashley had gone through, I really felt a connection with her, and gained a lot of respect for her. The fact that she is able to have such a sweet disposition and positive attitude after all of her struggles is truly rare.

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