Julie on BGC 907: I was really disappointed in her.

I was happy that Christina got kicked out of the house. I'm sure her and Rima would have fought eventually, whether I stepped in or not, but I was happy to speed up the process. I knew after we fought that I would get her out sooner or later. There was no way that sh*t was going to fly with me.

I thought us dancing t Pink Kitty was the worst idea I had ever heard. It's The Bad Girls Club not the Professional Dancers Club. I just didn't understand what the appeal would be of watching us clumsily attempt to throw a dance routine together. I didnt want to learn the choreography because I didnt want to do the dance in the first place. I felt that by having the choreographer include me in the choreography when I wasn't intending on participating, was a waste of her time. I explained to her that I was choosing not to participate with no disrespect to her. I felt that she was extremely rude and had no regard for the fact that I clearly felt uncomfortable. Also, my sister is a professional dancer and the woman's choreography sucked. AND the outfits were horrendously ugly.

When the crowd started booing before we even performed I wasn't surprised. I knew this dance was a stupid ridiculous idea and of course our performance completely blew. I had no faith in it to begin with though, so I didn't really care.

Contrary to what people may think, I never had a fear of going onstage because I sing and perform all the time. I would just rather be doing something I'm good at than a ridiculous dance. I was just happy to get it over with and start drinking!

I thought that Mehgan's reaction to me not wanting to do the dance was really inconsiderate. I was always there to listen to any issue she had, whether I felt it was ridiculous or not, because I wanted to be a good friend to her. She was more concerned about the choreographers feelings than mine. I was really disappointed in her.

I told Falen about all the sh*t Mehgan had been talking because enough was enough. Any issue I had with Falen I always said to her face because she was my friend. I started to feel like Mehgan was just bad mouthing Falen to me all the time, and I didn't want Falen to think that I was talking sh*t when I wasn't. Mehgan is unfortunately all about herself. I really tried to be her friend and give her a chance, but all she ever did was b*tch about how no one had her back, when I had her back the whole time!

Then at dinner I was so confused as to why Mehgan was being so rude to me. At this point I just felt like she was looking for reasons to be a b*tch to me, and I had no idea what I did to deserve her acting that way towards me.

When Mehgan came to me about Falen being cheap I was completely and entirely over it. She was looking for someone to throw under the bus as an excuse for arguing with me. Mehgan just turned out to be a really sh*tty friend to Falen and I, which is unfortunate because we both genuinely cared about her.
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