Just Julie (BGC, Ep. 11)

Everything about Andrea annoyed me. I can honestly say she is one of the LEAST likable people I have ever come in contact with, and I don't like most people, so that is saying something. Her clothing, hair, and makeup are tragic. Her voice is like a knife through your eardrum. She's also a self-centered b*tch and always thinks she is the victim. What is there to like?

I do not regret, even for a second, treating Andrea the way I did or trashing her stuff. She didn't want to make peace. She said she WANTED TO fight everyone and go home, and she kept telling us to come harder if we wanted her out. Not to mention, her entire wardrobe...no, her entire LIFE, is probably worth $100 so who gives a f*ck?

I was surprised that Andrea just left the house on her own...even for her that's a p*ssy move. After she left, my eardrums and eyes were relieved since I didn't have to look at her fake Burberry coat or hear her wretched voice anymore.

Natasha seemed really chill when I first met her. To be honest, her being there really didn't affect me either way because at that point I was so used to people coming and going. I didn't particularly give a f*ck.

Zuly is a really attractive girl, but she can be overly aggressive sometimes. It honestly didn't bother me when she says stuff like “sit on my face” though, and I have fun flirting with her.

Our strategy to spice up the Pink Kitty routine was to sex it up a little bit! I wasn't nervous to perform because we really had the routine down at that point.

I was beyond ecstatic when Emilio told us we were going to Atlanta! I was definitely ready for a change of scene, BUT I was nervous to take our dance routine to the states. Going to Atlanta, I was most looking forward to being in clubs with different music finally, and hopefully meeting some hotties. I was also psyched about eating American food because I was f*cking sick of tacos by then.

When Erica invited us to her table at the club, she was really welcoming and nice. I don't think she was necessarily trying to turn everyone against Tasha, because she asked us how we felt about her, and I had expressed that she was already annoying everyone. I listened to her opinions, but at the end of the day I'm going to do what I want to do.

I probably overreacted when Natasha was trying to tell me how she felt, but I also was so wasted I puked in a cup in the limo that night. I was definitely on edge too because of all the drama that had gone down before Tasha got there.

Meeting the Ying Yang Twins was awesome and getting our grills was hilarious. Ashley's grill was one of the funniest things I've ever seen.
I was definitely intimidated performing at the Mansion Élan because the club was literally 5 times the size of Pink Kitty and the crowd was huge. It was totally different than Cabo, and the manager definitely didn't make us feel confident when we were practicing.

I've dated girls in the past, and identify myself as bisexual. I've always been attracted to girls, and this is something all the girls in the house were aware of.

I would consider myself the ringleader of the group. I'm pretty good at coming up with plans, and talking to people in a persuasive way. It's pretty much been that way for most of my life.

Tasha really pissed me off in Atlanta but she did apologize. I can't fault someone who's putting in effort, and for that reason I backed off.

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