BGC 907 Recap: Stage Bite

The episode begins with Christina and Rimas fight from last week. Turns out Christina DID hit first, because home girl is sent HOME. Rima gives her a nice going away present: a bite in the leg. So thoughtful of her! Christina pretends to hold her head up high, saying that she has no regrets, that shes beautiful and bad, but NOT conceited. Ill miss her, but mostly for the great unstable phone conversations she has with her ex-boyfriend, the German Nazi Ben! I hope he cooks her schnitzel when she returns! If not, she might call him a Communist.With Christina out of the house, everyone actually gets along. They all go to the club Pink Kitty, where the manager Emilio invites them to partake in a Dance Night. All the girls squeal with delight, but Julie sees the writing on the wall. She recognizes that shes not a good dancer and shes not comfortable with her body, so she is resistant to participate. The next day they go to a lesson with a choreographer named Victoria, where Julie excuses herself, explaining that shes a bad dancer and doesnt want to make a mockery of the group. Oh sweetheart, you dont have to worry about THAT. These chicks embarrass themselves on the daily. Falen, being a good friend, tries to get Julie to rejoin the group. Mehgan joins her, but instead of encouraging Julie she just harps on how rude she was to the choreographer. This comes from the same girl who told Ashley she had a belly like a guy. Okay, then. Julie, who I reluctantly admit is starting to grow on me, calls Mehgan out for being a hypocritical b*tch. And then she starts plotting, as she is prone to do. Her target: Mehgan.But first, they all go out again! Rima meets a guy named Ricky J, even though she has a semi-boyfriend back at home. Rima keeps telling us Ricky J is an a**hole, but thats how she likes them. While I do agree hes SLIGHTLY skeevy, he actually seems relatively nice. Not sure where Rima is getting a**hole vibes, but what do I do know? Im just a blogger.The next day, everyone goes to the beach except for Falen. Mehgan sits on a chair and pouts while everyone else is having a good time. The seeds have been planted by Julie . . . . Back at the house, the doorbell rings and outside there are several boxes gift wrapped. What could they be? If you guessed sexy outfits sent to them by Victoria for their dance, then you are correct! The girls try them on and start practicing the dance, which is that night. Julie is getting sick to her stomach.Before you know it, its time for their big performance! Everyone gets loaded before the dance, which is a very intelligent thing to do. The crowd boos as Emilio brings them to the stage. And then they dance and continue to get booed because they are terrible! Luckily, they are too drunk to care so they laugh it off.The girls spend the next couple of days getting along for the most part. Sure, theres been some sh*t talking, but no punches have been thrown since Christina left. Everyone is getting along, except for Mehgan who looks like she is constantly sucking on lemons. The other girls just ignore her.One night Falen, Mehgan, and Julie go out to dinner, and on their way back Julie asks Mehgan for some money for the cabs. This bothers Mehgannot so much for the money but because apparently Julie is bankrolling Falen. Bish, why do you care? Julie asks the same question, and then runs and tells Falen what Mehgan said. Falen is PISSED.Sohas Mehgan set off a bomb? Who do you think will pop off next???Till next weekLiz Out Loud
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