BGC 916 Recap: Reunion Part 3

Hey all- Dios Mio. I can’t believe it has finally come… part 3 of the Bad Girls Club Mexico Reunion. Are we ready to say adios to these chicas? Will Erica “pretty girl bounce” one more time? I hope so!

So… we pick up where we left off: Erika whooping Julie’s a*s. As Erika (and others) will point out later on, Julie can talk the talk but has trouble walking the walk. She just sits there while Erika wails. I guess she only fights back in the confessional?

Now it is time to talk about happier things like… sex! The big story, of course, is Falen and Julie’s lesbian rendezvous. Julie admits she’s bisexual so it’s no big deal, while this was Falen’s one and only Sapphic experience. Zuly is a bit jealous—she wanted some of that Julie! Oh well, maybe next time! Julie and Falen reveal that they are now just friends WITHOUT benefits. Time to make your move Zuly!!!

We know, of course, that Zuly made PLENTY of moves in Mexico. During her stay in the house, she made out with Julie, Ashley, Rima, and Falen (ok so Falen has had two lesbian experiences.) If there was a superlative for “Most Accomplished in Hooking Up with Roommates,” Zuly would win! Tanisha then asks the most important question ever… who is the better kisser, Falen or Rima? Because it’s been a few months since they’ve been in the house, Zuly decides she needs to refresh her memory, and her mouth. So she plants a wet one on Falen, and then a REALLY sloppy one on Rima. While she doesn’t officially declare a winner, methinks Zuly prefers Rima.

The conversation next turns to Erika’s departure from the house. She says that she was sad to go because she didn’t want to say goodbye to Christina. Julie confesses that she was also upset when Erika left, but Erika calls Julie’s bluff. They then start arguing over who planted the seed to bring up Rima’s kid… was it Mehgan, Julie, or Erika? Naturally there is no real agreement, though even Tanisha thinks that Julie planted a bug in everyone’s ear.

Mehgan and Rima then examine their own friendship, or lack therof. Mehgan admits that she doesn’t like Rima, but she apologizes to her for being mean and judgey. Tanisha remarks that Rima has a big heart which causes Rima to tear up as she felt like she was on trial for much of her stay at the house. Sure, she kept her cool, but inside, apparently, she was a mess. But now she and Mehgan have called a truce.

However, Mehgan still has issues with Falen and Julie. She mentions how Julie talked trash about Falen, which Julie denies. Mehgan also accuses Falen of being a broke b*tch who stole her lotion and perfume (though she DOES admit that Falen looks good today. Mehgan can give credit where credit is due at least!) Julie replies that Mehgan left those items in their room, though she does she reveal she donated one of Mehgan’s David Yurman bracelets to a homeless man back home. Riiiight. You know you kept that!

Tanisha observes how quiet Julie has become here at the reunion while she was the master manipulator back in Mexico. Julie responds it is because she has grown up, while Erika thinks it’s because she’s scared when she’s not in the confessional. I think it’s a little bit of both. Hey, I wouldn’t want Erika mad at me either!!!

Mehgan also wants to be on Erika’s good side. Smart girl. In fact, she has brought her a bottle of cranberry juice because she knows how much she likes it!!! Mehgan was originally going to give it to Rima (and by give it I mean pour all over) but now that they have quashed their beef she wants to instead donate the juice to Falen and Julie. Which she does by dumping it all over them! Julie slips and slides all over the floor while Erika and Christina prance around chanting, “I don’t understand!” Andrea takes this moment to whip out the mustard she brought and squeeze it all over Julie. I guess karma’s a b*tch!

The dust settles and everyone returns to their seats. Julie looks like she got caught in a storm of condiments and juice, but she acts like she’s in control. Erika confesses that she wants to hit Julie again, and Mehgan says that she has to go to the hospital because she broke a nail during the scuffle. Hey, a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do, so she leaves to treat her bleeding finger. And here I thought a Band Aid would be sufficient.

Tanisha decides to lighten up the mood, so she brings out strippers to help celebrate Julie’s birthday. Zuly’s all, where are the girl strippers? Alas, you can’t please them all.

We’re winding down now and Tanisha asks all the girls if they’d do it again. They all say yes. Tanisha calls for a moment of silence for all the food and weaves that were destroyed. After paying their respects, Erika teaches Tanisha the “Pretty Girl Bounce” (thank God!) Erika hugs Rima, Andrea hugs Ashley. Yeah, I think to myself, we’re ending on a high note. But then Christina takes the cake and says she doesn’t like Ashley, Falan, Rima, or Julie. So instead, she just hugs Tanisha. Hey, you gotta start somewhere.

So there you have it. El fin de Bad Girls Club Mexico!

It’s been fun—

Liz Out Loud

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