Mehgan on BGC 903: I got what I wanted.

By Mehgan BGC9

I don’t care that people think I’m fake. I am! I'm pro plastic surgery. As soon as I turn 25 I'm headed straight for Botox! LOL.

When Rima cried about the friendship we once had, I thought that something had to be wrong with that girl. We had only been friends for one day! I decided to start scheming to break up her clique because a little birdie told me that they had plans to break up ours and to get me sent home.

I was VERY annoyed that Rima and Ashley invited themselves to my birthday lunch. What type of people force themselves upon others? I wasn’t surprised at how easy it was to convince them we were all friends, though. They were dumb and my opinion of them didn’t change after hanging out with them. Rima was still a hoe and Blondie was still dumb!

But, in the end I had an amazing birthday. After all, I got what I wanted. ;)

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