Mehgan on BGC 904: Who cares? Not I.

By Mehgan BGC9

We all decided to gang up on Rima because she is a liar and very two-faced towards everybody. I don’t feel bad at all for hacking into her email, or about throwing her mattress into the pool. Throwing mattresses into the pool is a Bad Girls tradition! I don’t feel bad for bullying her, but I think Erika’s comment about how Rima and Ashley should go hang themselves did cross the line a little bit. But who cares? Not I. Erika’s comment about Rima being a single mom was appropriate though- she’s a hoe!

I wasn’t all that surprised when Ashley finally stood up for Rima. She was weird. She would just have spurts of courage. Then when she signed us all up for salsa classes, I just thought it was really dumb. I was like, “Really? Do you think we really want to do this after what just happened?”

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