No-Nonsense Natasha (BGC, Ep. 914)

By Natasha BGC9

Coming into the reunion, I was happy to see everyone. It had been a while and I missed them.

I really wanted to talk about the whole Erica in Atlanta situation, and why I actually did cry not because I was scares, but because I was really drunk and emotional. I wanted to talk to Julie to see why she acted the way she did. That’s really the only issue I came in wanting to talk about.

Some of the other issues I wanted to know about were why Mehgan slapped Julie, and the whole Andrea thing- to know what really went down with her. I knew there were gonna be a lot of issues, and I was ready to sit back and watch them unfold.

I wasn’t nervous about the reunion at all. I knew I had no drama and I knew no one had beef with me. I was nervous for the other girls because I knew they were gonna be in for it.

I was expecting to pop off with Julie, but since I wasn’t on the show while this was happening I didn’t get to see what she really said about me. If I had seen everything she said I woulda popped off.

Andrea came across cocky and pissed off to me when she first sat down. I knew she was mad and if I was her I would have done the same thing. But she had it out for the girls and didn’t care about sh*t. I need to make it known that she didn’t know me and that I’m not gonna get pushed around like the others.

I was shocked when Andrea wanted to fight Ashley. They both really needed to fight again anyways, one-on-one so they could get everything they needed out. If I was Andrea, I would have slapped all them for jumping me. She’s a trooper.

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