Alexis on Best Ink 103: Its really hard to be creative on the spot.

I was not thrilled with the tattoo that I did.

For the Flash Challenge, I was feeling pretty sad and homesick so I wanted to do a sad piece. I was inspired by my best friend who passed away when we were in high school. But it was a difficult challenge because we were expected to draw on canvas with a permanent marker. It was really hard to make something that symbolized my art, and I imagine Roman felt the same way. I understand why he gave up on it.

I do commemorative tattoos a lot, so I liked the concept of the Ink Challenge. One that sticks out to me was after my good friend passed away. I tattooed his portrait on his wife. It’s still intimidating when Joe comes over during the Ink Challenges because you don’t know if he’s going to like your work. It’s super helpful though because he is so talented and he is amazing to get advice from. You learn quickly to do what he suggests.

I was not thrilled with the tattoo that I did. I do not like to do lettering. I knew I wanted to do a background but I think I over did it and ran out of time. It’s really hard to be creative on the spot and I just clammed up. It’s not a tattoo that I’m stoked to show people. It’s not terrible but I was really freaked out about it. I would have used a computer font, and I would have lightened up on the background if I could do it again.

It sucked that Roman left but I can understand that he was just not into it. More power to him if he wanted to go. He’s got a great career and a family. I think he just wanted to be back in the real world.

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