Charlie on Best Ink 104: Some people in this world feel the glass is always half empty.

Tori Spelling, Dean McDermott

Jessica is too sensitive to be submerged in our industry.

For the Dean McDermott Flash Challenge, I saw that he had Celtic tattoos so I immediately thought about doing something with a claddagh which is an Irish wedding band. I added the diamond and words that I thought symbolized marriage and commitment.

I tattoo 'virgins' all the time. Most are 18-19 but very often they are in their 30s and 40s. I think I have a very calming demeanor and that helps relax my clients. Once I had a client named Ruth come in. She was 82 years old. I asked her why she waited so long to get a tattoo and she told me that her husband didn’t like them but he had died. She got angel wings and a halo on her shoulder to remember him by.

I wasn’t surprised when they told us we had to tattoo two skins. With all the twists and turns why wouldn't they? My skins described themselves as a martini bar and a dive bar. I thought of my husband and I. We are very J. Crew and Hot Topic. Best friend tattoos don't have to be identical when the people they are going on aren't. I kept the bird theme and the general shape the same. Getting tattooed together and sharing that memory is what will signify an awesome best friend tattoo.

There are some people in this world that feel the glass is always half empty. Jessica is too sensitive to be submerged in our industry, and it was her time to go.

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