Kyle on Best Ink 101: I always strive to apply myself as much as possible in my career.

My first tattoo was a symbol that represents my initials.

I’ve been putting it on all my artwork since I was a kid. In short, it’s a tattoo that is a representation of me. I loved the symbol so much that I even got it copyrighted. Now I’m not even sure how many tattoos I have. There is a point that you reach when getting tattooed that you stop thinking about how many individual tattoos you have and you start thinking about what percent of your body is covered. I’m at about 35% now, and I plan to stop at 70%.

I was inspired to become a tattoo artist after I got my first tattoo. Not only did I fall in love with the art style and medium, I fell in love with the environment of tattoo shops. Its culture was appealing to me. Now I’ve been tattooing since October of 2005. I’m coming up on my 7th year!

The first tattoo I ever gave anyone was on my dad. He's been playing soccer for as long as I can remember so it was a soccer ball on his ankle. Because it was my first tattoo I'm not sure if it really came out all that great. But he loves that tattoo!

My favorite type of tattooing that I enjoy the most is traditional tattoos. You know that old Sailor Jerry looking stuff that you see in all the tattoo shops. I like them because the drawing style keeps the life of the tattoo in mind. Most people don't really think about how the tattoo will look in 20 years. I've also been getting into portraits. Love doing those! I’m most challenged by anything with detail that is too small to translate in a tattoo. Tiny details in art look great in most mediums but in tattoos they don't last long and usually start looking pretty crummy in a few years or so.

I always strive to apply myself as much as possible in my career. My goal is to push personal boundaries to be the best artist I can possibly be. I would love to tattoo someone who’s successful in the music industry. This would allow me the opportunity to ask them how I can become successful with my own music

When they told us to reinvent the butterfly I thought, “How do you reinvent something that exists naturally?”

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