10 Most Awesome Celeb-Inspired Tattoos

By Oxygen

We thought it might be hard to top last week's yummy food tattoos edition of Best Ink Spotting, but we may have done it with these awesome celebrity tribute tattoos. And calling all nerds out there. We want your geek-chic tats, like Harry Potter, Star Trek, STAR WARS (we know you're out there). So submit your Nerd Tattoos for the week of April 15 and we'll put the top 10 up here. But for now, get your celebrity-gawking on.

Images were sent in via Tumblr members identified by their handles below.

10. Rebel With a Cause

Let's start with the OG Bad Boy, James Dean. Although this version of the legendary actor also looks a tad like Benicio del Toro, no? (Brynnycole)

9. That's All Right

It should come as no surprise that there are LOTS of tributes to The King floating about on the interwebs. This is a particularly nice one. (Skin Deep Tales)

8. Material Girl

This Marilyn Monroe tattoo is especially awesome. There's even a checklist of her famous exes on there. Creative. (Skin Deep Tales)

7. Dear Johnny

Actor/reluctant heartthrob Johnny Depp is also a popular tattoo subject. Johnny tats run the gamut from Pirates of the Caribbean back to his Cry-Baby days.

6.  Say Hello to My Little Friend

Al Pacino is one of the greatest actors on earth. Interesting choice to go with a 90s-era Al, as opposed to Godfather (I and II) or Scarface though for this massive chest tat. Accessorized with a nipple right (yeah, up there on the right hand corner.) (My Tattoo Life)

5. Pokerface

Biggest Lady Gaga fan ever. (Christy Booker Tattoos)

4. Smells Like Teen Spirit

The likeness of this Kurt Cobain tat is pretty mindblowing. Kudos. (Andy Engel via Skin Deep Tales)

3. Hit Me Baby One More Time

While this Britney Spears probably isn't the version of the teen idol that we would have inked on our body parts (kinda partial to red latex jumpsuit and the VMAs snake-as-an-accessory outfit), bald angry Brit is definitely the most badass of them all. (Everything & Nothing)

2. Crazy For You

Honestly, if you asked us to narrow down which Madonna-era is our favorite to ink on our body for posterity, it would be really hard to decide. But this iconic Patrick Demarchelier-shot pic from the 90s is definitely tops.

1. Thank You For Being a Friend

HANDS DOWN THE BEST TATTOO EVER. Golden Girls fan or not, no question. Bea Arthur Forever!

Send your nerd tats in to our tumblr for the week of April 15 and do not miss the next episode of 'Best Ink 2' on Wednesday, Apr. 10 at 10/9c!


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