Exit Chat with Brittany: Jellyfish?! Really?!

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After weeks of kicking ass and taking names, Brittany was eliminated from Best Ink when she was asked to tattoo a realistic portrait of jellyfish. We'll miss her! She was the adorable one! The babe! The vivacious chick with the crazy faces! But, the Texas tattooer in leather is onto new things. We spoke to her all about losing to Alli, about her favorite tattoo from the season, and about how you to get a tat by her -- if you can find her.

What have you been doing since filming Best Ink? 


Since filming Best Ink, I have been tattooing and making a ton of clothes to get my Heavy Metal Treasure business started. I am making vests, jackets, cute shorts for summer, and all kinds of killer rock n' roll clothing.

How did you feel about the judges' decision to send you home and keep Alli? 

I obviously didn't want to go home before anyone, let alone Alli! That was a bummer, but I was dealt a tattoo that I was completely uncomfortable doing due to the stipulations of the challenge. I like bold lines and lots of black, so I was definitely "out of my element."

Describe the challenges of the jellyfish tattoo.

My client already had an existing jellyfish next to the one I was doing, so I also wanted to make sure they worked well together. At the end of the day, she has to wear it for the rest of her life and it is my job to make her happy over doing something that MIGHT keep me one more week and look totally weird on her body. I just don't specialize in color realism and couldn't comprehend how to make it look good. I mean, it IS just a big white blob after all...

If you could do the jellyfish tattoo differently, what would you do? 

If I could go back and do the jellyfish differently, I would have just done a killer traditional style jellyfish, especially after knowing I was going to be sent home for it. I should have done one in my style that really blew her away. 

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Do you keep in touch with the other tattooers from Best Ink?

Occasionally I'll get a "hello" text or instagram comment from my buddies Teresa, DJ, Tylor and Jerod. We all got pretty close while filming and will be friends for life -- even at a distance! I love yall! That's right, I said YALL!!!

Does it feel totally weird that you were considered the babe on the show?

Hahaha I was? Did you guys miss all the crazy faces I was making the entire time? It doesn't feel weird at all, thank you and I'm flattered!

Which tattoo from Best Ink were you most proud of?

I would have to say that I am most proud of the metal babe I put on Rob. I loved how weird it was. Rob was too cool, he totally let me do my own thing and I was proud of it.

What did you learn from the show? 

I learned that being critiqued on national television is the most stressful thing ever! I also learned that I can adapt to weird situations and get along with just about anyone even when spending 12 hours a day with them. I also learned that being yourself is the best way to be, even if you get criticized for it. Elliotts are wild, and that's not going to change any time soon.

What's in your tattooing future?

I am not exactly sure what to expect for the future. I am a gypsy and like to travel and move around a lot. I will be tattooing by appointment only and working conventions here and there. Catch me when you can!

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