Interview with Angela and Vanessa Simmons: Mom and Both Sisters Have the Same Tattoo!

By Fawnia Soo Hoo

Sister act Angela and Vanessa Simmons were literally born into the entertainment biz. Their dad is legendary Run-DMC founder Reverend Run and their Uncle Russell is the Russell Simmons, mogul extraordinaire. But they're not just a couple of socialites—the two also run their own fashion company, Pastry, which makes them well-schooled to guest judge tonight's style-filled Flash Challenge on the new Best Ink 2. We took a few minutes to chat with the pair and, yes, they do also have tattoos.

Best Ink 2: What brought you to Best Ink 2?

Angela Simmons: The connection between Pastry and art. I also am a big fan of tattoos. I think they are so cool. 

Vanessa Simmons: We thought it seemed like a pretty cool idea to mix the fashion of Pastry with something as unique as Tattoos.

Do you have tattoos? If yes, tell us about them.

AS: Yes, I have nine of them. All of my tattoos mean a lot to me. Each one has a meaning. I love being creative. My favorite one is my ‘love conquers all’ on my side. Mr. Cartoon did it. 

VS: I have one pink heart tattoo behind my right ear that my sister Angela peer pressured me to get. My mother and sister both have the same tattoo.

You both have been running your own shoe and clothing line, Pastry, for over five years—how do you see fashion and tattoo art intersecting?

AS: Fashion an tattoos go hand and hand. To me, any type of art inspires fashion.

VS: Fashion is all about individuality and expressing yourself and that’s the same exact thing that tattoos are able to express on a more permanent level. It’s an expression of yourself through art.

So it looks like the Flash Challenge involves high top sneakers and paint—what was your criteria for judging the competition?

AS: I looked for creativity. I really was interested in unusual art. I'm very open minded when it comes to art.

VS: While judging the Flash Challenge I was looking for the artist that was able to capture both the essence of Pastry while also being able to convey a sense of they were artist.

What was it like working with Pete Wentz?

AS: I love Pete. He's so cool and down to earth. He's a lot of fun to work with. 

VS: Working with Pete was a blast. He made the experience lots of fun.

Music also runs deep in your family—how do you see tattoos and music coming together?

AS: The two work together for sure. What we hear inspires what we do.

VS: Tattoos that people usually get are meaningful and inspiring to them.  Much like an artist, who creates music that is both inspiring and meaningful to them. It’s the soundtrack of their lives just through different outlets.


Don't miss the Simmons sisters on a brand new episode of 'Best Ink 2' on TONIGHT, Apr. 17 at 10/9c!


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