Interview with 'Best Ink 2' Guest Judge Miya Bailey

By Lauren Zupkus

A legend in the tattoo world, Miya Bailey is based in Atlanta where he works in his own shop, City of Ink. With truly original style and an impeccable knack for spotting talent, Bailey was a perfect fit to judge this week's Flash Challenge. For those who want more Bailey, we grilled him for a bit more on his ink experiences. Check it out below. 

Best Ink 2: This week's Flash Challenge involves superheroes. Are you into superheroes?

MB:When I was in third grade my uncle passed away and he left me his comic books. I read them every day. I'm a X Men fanatic. 

Cool, so humor us please. If you could have one superpower...

MB: I'd have to say telekinetics. I'd love to move objects around with my eyes.

And are you a fan of the Best Ink 2?

MB: I watch every episode. I really like Teresa. She's got many styles, and her stuff is always dope.  

You’ve seen a lot of wannabe tattoo artist in your day. How do the artists on Best Ink measure up? 

MB: I think the last six are all really good. DJ, Teresa and Jerod are probably my favorites. Brittany wears those jeans though! 

Describe your signature tattooing style. 

MB: A lot of people always say it's just the way my work flows. The flow. Curvy, flowy, motion and movement. 

Is there more pressure when you’re tattooing someone like Usher? Or do you feel the same regardless of who walks in? 

MB: I treat everybody the exact same way. My shop, my rules. I don't need any control freaks telling me how to do my job.

And on the same page as larger than life superheroes... who's one celebrity with a big personality you'd like to tattoo?

MB: Kanye West!

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