The Scoop From Kellys Dissatisfied Skin, Kimberly: Yup, Shes Getting Her Tattoo Fixed

By Fawnia Soo Hoo

Who knew a tattoo session could be so dramatic? The blow-up between contestant Kelly McEvoy and her skin Kimberly ended with the client walking out, an unfinished tattoo and a guarantee that Kelly would end up in the bottom three. The big question: What happened with that tattoo?! We spoke to Kimberly for the story from her point of view, starting with the big elephant in the room: Why would you get a tattoo on a reality competition show?!

Best Ink 2: What made you decide to go on the show and be tattooed as part of a competition?

I was actually scouted on a social website and asked to appear on the show. After reviewing the terms, it seemed like a great idea. The positive, of course: getting a free tattoo, being on national television, meeting great artists and contestants. On the flip side: not knowing anything about the artist that was going to tattoo me was scary, but hey if they are an artist on the show, you would assume they would be pretty good right? Me too.

Best Ink 2: So your tattoo session with Kelly turned quite heated. From your perspective, what happened?

Kimberly: Where do I start?! Originally when Kelly chose me I was really excited, her informing me that she had a passion for dance as well really put me at ease. I asked to look at her portfolio and she said she "didn't have one." To me, usually that means "abort mission, or proceed with caution." I explained to Kelly that I wanted a traditional pin up girl with ballet shoes, sitting on an old school boombox (that was very detailed), with music notes going up my side.

Finally when it was time to show the "skins" the sketch, I noticed in the drawing that her face was shaped oddly and the boombox had no detail. At that point I told her that I wanted more detail in the boombox and her reply was, "I will free hand the detail, don't worry.”

About 30 minutes into the competition, she starts. At about the second hour, Joe walks by to check the progression of the artists’ work and says, "Ohhh, looks like you are losing your stencil of the boom box, this is what happens when you don't work section to section." Kelly then replies "Well should I just take it out?"

At that point my whole demeanor changed. I'm thinking to myself, "Self, did she really just say she was going to take out the main part of my tattoo? I was completely blown away. First thought was for me to have her stop right away and just have my artist fix and finish it, but I allowed her to continue. I noticed she would start tattooing one section then jump to another section. At this point there was just under an hour left and I could feel she was just rushing. All I could think about was Joe's comment and her reply.

At that point I had enough and didn't want Kelly to tattoo me for another second. I kindly told her that I would like her to stop and I would just have my artist finish it and she wasn't too happy about that. We went back and forth on her wanting to finish the tattoo with 30 minutes left on the clock. Realistically, there is no way she could have finished this tattoo by the end of the competition. I attempted to shake her hand and go our separate ways, but she wasn't interested.

Best Ink 2: Did you do anything with the unfinished tattoo afterwards?

Kimberly: Ironically my appointment is tomorrow at 6pm. Thanks Nick.

Best Ink 2: How do you feel about the tattoo now?

Kimberly: I've tried to see the "good" in it, but still getting it fixed. It’s not a "bad" tattoo, it’s just not what I expected.

Best Ink 2: Looking back, if you could have picked any other contestant tattoo artist, who would you have gone with?

Kimberly: Looking back, I would have loved to get a piece by Brittany Elliott or Jordan "Dollarz" Ginsberg. Both artists were very sweet, professional and had amazing portfolios of their work.

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